Sharon Medler
Fine Art

                                    “High Season”     2012 Scotts Valley Art & Wine Poster 
A California native, Sharon Medler has established herself as a well known West Coast artist. She attributes her continued success to her resolute devotion to art and a commitment to long-term goals. Sharon has developed a strong artistic following through her subject matter, her sense of design, and her individual style of painting.

Sharon's brightly colored acrylics of sunflowers, adirondack chairs, landscapes and beach scenes are both real and imaginary. "There's a serenity and peacefulness about the color of blue that I love to capture in my paintings, giving them an expression of freshness and spontaneity." Sharon's style lies between realism and impressionistic, realistic, but not photographic. With twenty five years of watercolor behind her, she is now devoting herself to full time acrylics.

Recipient of numerous awards including:

  2015 Beast on Broadway - Santa Cruz National Exhibit
  2015 Good Times cover artist for Santa Cruz County Art Tour
  2012 Scotts Valley “Featured Artist” - Art & Wine Festival
  2010 Artist of the Year - Good Times Magazine 
  2009 Scotts Valley 1st Place - Art & Wine
  2006 Scotts Valley “Featured Artist” - Art & Wine Festival
  2005 Capitola “Featured Artist” - Art & Wine Festival
  2002 Capitola “Featured Artist” - Art & Wine Festival
  2002 Capitola “Featured Artist” - Begonia Festival
  2001  California Watercolor Society - Jade Fon Asilimar Award
  2001 Santa Cruz Pac Bell phone directory cover artist
                                             2000 Capitola “Featured Artist” - Art & Wine Festival
                                             2000 Capitola - Wharf to Wharf featured artist
                                             1999  Capitola - Begonia Festival featured artist 
                                             1998  Capitola “Featured Artist” - Art & Wine Festival
                                             1996  Millbrae 1st Place - Art & Wine
                                             1996 Walnut Creek - Art & Wine - 1st Place
                                             1996  Capitola “Featured Artist” - Art & Wine Festival
                                             1996 Studio City - Spring Festival of Arts - Merit Award
                                             1995  Capitola - Begonia Festival featured artist
                                             1995 Millbrae - Art & Wine - 1st Place Award
                                             1994  Carmel - Best of Show
                                             1994 Carmel - Outdoor Summer Art Festival - 2nd Place 
                                             1994 Danville - Merchants Choice Award
                                             1994 Millbrae - Best of Show
                                             1994 Santa Cruz Art League - Merit Award
                                             1992 Scotts Valley’s selected artist for the art exchange
                                                       program with their sister city in Japan
Sharon maintains her studio in the tranquil environment of the Santa Cruz mountains. She remains grateful and filled with excitement with the challenge of each new painting. Contact Sharon and ask about her “Private Showings” and commissions.

Sharon will be showing her collection of works, including recent paintings, at a series of art shows. Please make plans to stop by and introduce yourself and view her beautiful creations at one of these great shows!  Celebrate the rich diversity of art. Invest in one of Sharon’s originals.

“Colors From The Heart Stir The Soul”
                      Sharon Medler

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